New portfolios (2017)

New work has made its way to the portfolio.

Having spent 15 years attempting to make photographs, I seem to finally understand the value in manageable projects. Small, focussed bodies of work that somehow function as a whole. Something akin to cultivating a small garden. Ongoing, ones own sense of what is important, trying to grow new ideas, attempting to shape the `whole’ into something cohesive.

Forth explores the southern edges of the Firth of Forth. The North Sea somewhere out there, town lights lining the horizon and lighting up the drifting clouds, and geese passing overhead. I know these places well.

S├Čos feels less familiar, but also like the start of something for which I’ve been waiting as many years. Having finally spent several days in the Outer Hebrides in summer 2017, it is under my skin.

River is in some ways a story that has slowly taken form over 20 years. Many evenings spent stumbling through the gloaming, on long summer evenings, looking for rings on the water. Now looking for something interesting to accumulate in my viewfinder.